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This page describes known errors and corrections for the books Modeling Materials (MM) by Tadmor and Miller (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (CMT) by Tadmor, Miller and Elliott (Cambridge University Press, 2012).
Known errors are recorded in the table below. For each error, the following information is provided:
  • Book: MM or CMT
  • Page(s): Page range in book that was corrected.
  • Description: Brief description outlining changes.
  • Correction: Link to pdf file describing correction and giving the new changed text.
The authors welcome reports of errors and suggestions for changes or desired new content in future editions. Please fill in the "Errata & Suggestions Form" below.

List of Errata

 Book  Page(s)  Description  Correction
 MM 111 Change to wording of Exercise 2.11 to indicate process is adiabatic. pdf
 MM 258 Correction to Eqn. (5.45). pdf
 MM 372 Change to wording of Exercise 6.2. pdf
 MM                 423 Change to the virial pressure expression in an unnumbered equation.   pdf
 MM      436-437  Changes to the notation and equations (7.148)-(7.150)  in the explanation of the properties of the Helmholtz free energy in the thermodynamic limit. pdf
 MM              439  Change to the wording of Exercise 7.11.  pdf
 MM  439  Change to the wording of Exercise 7.12.  pdf

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