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This page provides solution to homework problems in the Modeling Materials (MM) and Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (CMT) books.

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Input files and programs for MM computational homework problems

 Exercisegzipped tar file zip file
 6.13 tgz zip
 9.4 tgz zip
 9.5 tgz zip
 9.6 tgz zip
 9.7 tgz zip
 11.9 tgz zip
 11.11 tgz zip

New homework problems for MM and CMT
Below are additional homework problems and solutions suitable for use with MM and CMT. The objective is to facilitate the teaching of topics in these books by providing instructors with additional resources. The authors welcome the submission of new problems and solutions from other instructors. If you would like to contribute content, please contact us.


 ChapterBrief DescriptionAuthor(s)Problem StatementSolutionAuxiliary Files
 MM-9Explore the chaotic nature of molecular dynamics trajectories and the Lyapunov exponent. Ellad Tadmor N/AN/A N/A


ChapterBrief DescriptionAuthor(s)Problem StatementSolutionAuxiliary Files
CMT-7Exactly solve a boundary-value problem for a hanging 1D bar and explore the effect of linearization.Ryan ElliottN/AN/A N/A