Assignments and Resources for Weizmann Short Course, August 16-27, 2020

Tasks and assignments are arrange by the days of the course. Before each class, students should:

    • Review the optional reading from the Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (CMT) and Modeling Materials (MM) books.

    • Watch the assigned lectures (duration in minutes is indicated).

    • Prepare at least one question for each assigned lecture and add these at the provided link (include your name with your questions). (If you see another question that is close to yours, you can add your name).

Daily assignments:

  • Day 10: Thursday 27-Aug-2020

      • Optional reading: QC Tutorial Manual (in QC_v1.4/Docs directory)

      • Watch lectures:

      • Hands-On QC (45:59)

      • No questions